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Shark Poaching: Illegal Fishermen With 6600 Dead Sharks Off To Prison

The Illegal Catch: Shark Poaching

Shark Poaching: In another flagrant display of the ruthlessness of poachers, a Chinese fishing crew was caught with over 300 tons of illegal cargo including 6600 sharks. As a punishment, they are getting up to four years in prison plus nearly $6 million in fines. Read on to learn more about this shocking story.

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The Kavachi Volcano Sharks

Volcano sharks were found living in and around Kavachi an active volcano

If you still think sharks are just like any other sea animal, you may have to think again. The ‘volcano sharks’ are a collection of different species of sharks living, and thriving in the extremely hot and acidic waters surrounding the Kavachi: a highly active submarine volcano. In fact, some of them live right inside the caldera of this active volcano.

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