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There are now more than 500 recognised shark species roaming our oceans and rivers today.

Quite often people think of sharks as large and predatory, but that’s not the full story. Some species of shark are only as long as your hand while the biggest can be almost 40 feet (12 meters) long.

The biggest species of shark, the whale shark, feeds on tiny plankton. One of the most unusual looking, the goblin shark, is pink-skinned.

You may have heard of the bull shark, the tiger shark and possibly even the megamouth shark. But have you ever heard of the spear-tooth shark or the spotted wobbegong?

Our Shark Profiles

We have compiled information on many sharks including the life expectancy, danger to man, scientific name, conservation status and more. These species of shark range from the Great White Shark to the Long Nose Saw Shark and more will be added over time.

The Blue Shark
Shark Species

Species Profile: The Blue Shark

The blue shark is the most heavily fished shark in the world. It’s been hunted so much that it’s now listed as Near Threatened despite its high and fast birth rate. What are the major threats to this beautiful shark? Find out here.

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Holotype of the Ninja Lanternshark
Shark Species

Species Profile: The Ninja Lanternshark

When a new shark species was discovered off the Coast of Central America in 2015, it was quickly named Ninja Lanternshark for obvious reasons. This stealthy fish is pitch black, blends with the dark and glows too. There isn’t much detail about this shark just yet, but read on to learn what we do know so far.

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