8 Tips To Prepare For Shark Week 2017 And Make It Your Best Ever

As the long awaited Discovery Channel Shark Week 2017 draws closer, let’s help you get you prepared for the most amazing week this year. These tips will bring some more shark flavor into your life.

As the long awaited Shark Week 2017 draws closer, let’s get you prepared for the most amazing week this year.

Shark Week 2017 banner
It’s Still A Bad Week To Be A Seal (Courtesy: Discovery.com)

As we all eagerly await the highlight of our summer every year, why not make this one a bit different? Instead of sitting on the couch and watching all the excitement on screen, do something extra and bring it right into your home with these tips below.

Also, if you are planning to do something special like a party, sleepover, or maybe just a small gathering of friends/family fellow shark lovers, you’ll want the wow-effect to be evident.

Remember, you have just a little over a week to prepare so here are some quick tips and ideas for an unforgettable Shark Week experience.

8 Tips To Prepare For Shark Week 2017.

1) Get the Shark Week 2017 Schedule.

Now the last thing you want is to look forward to all that Shark-y goodness and then you miss out on your favorite programs because you weren’t aware of when they were airing.

The Program Schedule has all the details like summary and airing times for everything there is to know about this year’s Shark Week. Also, there are some new programs and special features you don’t want to miss.

You may want to print out the schedule or set reminders to keep you up to speed always.

2) Blankie Tails Shark Blanket

Blankie Tails Shark Blanket: Shark Week 2017
                           Blankie Tails Shark Blanket

Looking at the schedule, you’ll notice that the shows premiere at night (mostly for viewers in the USA). But even if it’s not night where you are, chances are you may only have time to settle down and indulge in all this shark-goodness at night after a hard day’s work.


So why not get yourself and your loved ones some Blankie Tails Shark Blankets? These premium-quality, extra soft and plush shark-shaped blankets will have you wrapped up all good and comfy for some uninterrupted viewing pleasure.

Slide your feet right all the way down into the fins and flap them about for some real aquatic fun.

Feel the shark’s teeth right up to your chest but don’t worry it surely won’t hurt as the teeth are made from soft felt.

We also have them for kids too: Blankie Tails Mermaid Tail Blanket Youth Size and Blankie Tails Shark Blanket Youth Size.

Another great thing about these blankets is that you don’t have to roll them up and store away till the next Shark Week. You can still use them afterwards for staying cozy at night, camping activities, sleepovers, movie nights, and so on. It makes a great gift too!

3) Left Shark Party Costume

Shark Party Costume: Shark week 2017
Shark Party Costume

Trust me, if you’re going to be out and about with fellow shark lovers during Shark Week and you want to stand out then this is the costume for you.

This well-made, deluxe, and FINtastic outfit will ensure you’re the center of attention and will make JAWS drop wherever you go.

Fun, easy to wear, and super-comfy, try to get yours on time for Shark Week 2017 before it runs out of stock.

As one happy user said, “Left Shark is the Right Shark!”

4) Shark Cosplay Costume Unisex

Onesie Pajamas: Shark Week 2017
Onesie Cosplay Pajamas

These unisex one-piece shark costumes/pajamas are also great if you are hosting or attending a cosplay party during Shark Week.

They’re cute, soft, comfortable, hilarious for wearing around the house, and they’ll keep you warm too.

The costumes are also great fun for themed parties even way after Shark Week 2017 is over.

5) Shark Party Favors For 12

Shark Party Goody Bag
Shark Party Favors Goody Bag

Kids don’t have to be left out and if your little ones birthday or any other special occasion falls during Shark Week, then all the better.

The Shark Party Favors For 12 is a party pack that’s always an instant hit with kids. Basically, it’s a goody bag with the following items:

  • Prehistoric looking shark tooth necklaces that are an immediate attention grabber,
  • Assorted small, soft, plastic shark figures each one about 3 inches long, and
  • “It’s my birthday” sticker.

All wrapped up in an easy to assemble sharkhead-shaped bag.

6) Shark Attack Bowl

Shark Attack Bowl: Shark Week 2017
                               Shark Attack Bowl

Available in white and red, this shark attack bowl will have you, and any guests, dipping your hands into the gaping maw of a shark!

Not a real shark, of course but one can always hope.

This is another perfect choice for Shark Week themed parties, gatherings or just sleepovers. It can contain up to 20 oz. of content: about the size of a large cereal bowl and it’s dishwasher and microwave safe too.

There’s so much you can do with this item. For instance, you could fill the bowl with red-colored liquid or Jell-O and have people fish in it for candy or other objects.

7) Shark Sweets And Treats Like The Gummi Gummy Sharks Assorted Colors Candy 1 Pound Bag

 Gummy Shark Assorted Candy
               Gummi Gummy Sharks Assorted Colors

We’ve said it several times that we don’t support the eating of sharks, but this is the only situation where we’ll look the other way.

These shark sweets are simply the best!

The gummy sharks come in a 1 pound pack with about 75 pieces of delightfully chewable snacks in assorted stunning colors.

You can use them:

  • To decorate drinks or Jell-O,
  • To decorate cupcakes,
  • As part of a larger treat pack for kids,
  • Or just eat them as a snack on their own.

Your kids are sure to have a ball while imagining that they are actually biting the apex predators!

8) I Love Sharks T Shirt Classic For Men And Women

I Love Sharks Tee
I Love Sharks T Shirt Classic

You love sharks don’t you so why not spread the word around and identify with these amazing creatures in your day-to-day lives?

These tees are guaranteed to turn not a few heads and get some interesting conversations going.

They are available for men, and women and there is also a variety of printed illustrations and colors in unisex garments as well.

Check the We Love Sharks Store for a variety of many more Tees, dresses, socks, etc. in top-quality materials and construction. There’s also a large selection of party favors, costumes, candies, toys, and books, etc.

So indulge yourself and follow these tips to prepare for your best Shark Week ever.

And, don’t forget to keep an eye on that schedule so you don’t miss out on any of the fun ahead starting Sunday July 23, 2017.

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