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Some Of The Weird And Crazy Things Tiger Sharks Eat

Suit Of Armor: Tiger Sharks Diet

Tiger Sharks have earned the nickname the “garbage can of the sea.” They are so open-minded when it comes to food that you may find it hard to believe some of the things they’ve eaten. It appears they will eat literally anything they can find. You’ll need to watch the accompanying video in this post to believe it for yourself.

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Top 10 Shark Conservation Organizations To Support In 2017

Picture of whale shark and diver by Project Aware. A shark conservation group

Considering the relentless attack on shark populations by humans and other factors, it’s cheering to know that there are organizations that have picked up the gauntlet to fight for, and help, sharks. These top 10 shark conservation groups play a crucial role in keeping a healthy balance in the earth’s oceans.

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